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    Hi !!
    Thanks for you website !! very interesting !

    We will go to langebaan next december… We are very exciting…
    I’m looking for informations about wind direction…
    In fact, i can read everywhere that it’s offshore winddirection…
    so are there any rescueboat or something like that in case of kite problem ? is it dangerous to kite in langebaan spot ?

    In sharkbay, same questions ? is it possible to walk into water everywhere ?



    Hi Sebastien,

    good to hear you like the site.

    langebaan in december is very good. i really liked it there! about the direction. – look at the google maps to see how the wind is coming in. the wind is coming from S, SSE, sometimes SSW. So you could say it’s almost sideshore on the kitebeach, but after the launching area the beach/bay makes a turn to west, so after launching and you go downwind it feels like offshore. but at the kitebeach it’s basically sideshore.

    in langebaan you have a rescue boat. i think it belongs to some school. so speak to people around there how it works. they are not there all the time but most of. and in the evining if you decide to kite longer they probably are not there any more.

    i didn’t need a rescue, but i think they charge something per rescue as everywhere.


    in shark bay the water is not really deep so you will not really worry about rescureboats. it’s cool to practice as you can stand most of the time in the lagoon as far as you don’t go out verrry far. shark bay is absolutely beautiful. you will love it :)

    so, i hope this helps!



    Thanks for your quick answer.

    What is your nationality ?

    So i understand that there no danger to practice kitesurf at main beach even if the Wind is sideshore/offshore…

    I read that shark bay is the paradise of kitesurf but hard to find…
    Is there any tips to find the right way to go to shark bay ?

    Other question… There no mention about other spot in the “big lagoon” of langebann … but if i look on Google map there’s a lot of place where we can practice kite surf … for example just in other side of shark bay,+Cap-Occidental,+Afrique+du+Sud&hl=fr&ll=-33.143426,18.034873&spn=0.015775,0.032895&sll=-33.146876,18.027426&sspn=0.001981,0.004112&hnear=Langebaan,+West+Coast+DC,+Western+Cape,+Afrique+du+Sud&t=m&z=16

    What do you think ?





    yes Shark Bay is a little bit hard to find – but how i do it: i have my smartphone with google maps. I always download a specific map area to my smartphone (for free, somewhere i have internet connection). and then i look on the map with gps and navigate myself to the spots. it’s the easiest way, it always works and sometimes with this method you can discover beautiful new places :)

    i think it’s much easier to do it like that than explaining a route…

    regarding the other side of the lagoon: yeah, it seems there are beaches and i am sure you can kite there. but all kiters are on the other side, and it’s a long car ride to the other spots. so why go to the other side, when the one side is already perfect :)


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