Kiteboarding in Western Australia – Your full Roadtrip Tourgide featuring 44 Spots and all necessary information your are seeking for this adventure

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This is a Review of my Kitesurfing Roadtrip in Western Australia from February 2017. We started in Perth, took a campervan and wanted to go north till Coral Bay. Well, two weeks was to short for that and we wanted to skip the last 600km ride with nothing to see inbetween ;) so we only made it till Shark Bay in the North. Then quickly drove back and then we explored a bit the south of Perth. So we made it there till Augusta which is also great to see.

So. Below I try to list all I found out. You will find a list of 44 Spots I visited with:

  • GPS Location on Google Maps
  • Lots of Images
  • Extra information about recommended Campings etc.
  • Spot Specials as far as I could find them out

Unfortunately I had bad luck with the weather. In February it is supposed to be awesome. Hot, windy, sunny. For me it was lot of rain and little wind. This means on lot of the pictures you see bad weather and sometimes rain and few kites in the air ;) That was my personal fate and should not concern you!. So all the guys around said they never experienced such a weather this time of the year. However as kiteboarders we know that the weather is always part of our sport and can play games with us. In the Wind & Weather section of this review you find more about the recommended time for your trip.

If you visit Western Australia and have some great pictures of some spots – I would be glad to add them to my site. So send them over to if you want them to be included.

On this page you will find some search boxes for campervan rentals. I found this site to be the best comparison page for campervans for australia and also rented my van over this page. Putting together this review took lots of private time. Making pictures, writing, putting together, revising etc.

So if you really used this page and it helped you a lot, you would buy me kind of a cup of coffee if you book your van over my site as I got affiliated with them. It is most probably the site you would use anyways so you can give it a try. If you find something better of course use the other one ;) If you do a roadtrip a campervan is however definitely recommended. Let’s start.

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Here is my best of selection of the Western Australia Trip. This is just to get you a glimps of how it is over there. Below when I mention all the spots you will find lots of pictures of the Spots itself.

Unfortunately the weather was really bad when I visited Western Australia in February 2017 and it rained a lot which is really! unusual for that time of the year there. So lots of pictures below show rainy weather. I hope some local guys who see this send me better pictures ;) So I will replace them over time. Hope you enjoy the review anyways :)

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I recommend using this Motorhome Comparison Site below to check the best Campervan or Motorhome for you. Chose your prefered pick up and drop off location.

Accomodation & Campsites in West Australia for kiteboarders

Well. If you want to do a Roadtrip in Western Australia I recommend to rent a Motorhome or Campervan. It’s the most convenient way to do the roadtrip.

Wildcamping in Australia is forbidden. So you have to use one of the plenty campsites. At the spot descriptions below I also mention campsites where I stayed. Some are free – which can be called “tolerated wild camping” or they are some rest-areas, some cost little money. I enjoyed having good showers and toilettes in the evening. You can do as you wish. I recommend the app from motorhomerepublic where you can rent your campervan or motorhome. In this app you see a map with all the campsites with extra information. Using it makes sense.

Wind, weather & waves

You can see in the Wind Statistics that November to February (Early March) is the best time for your Kitesurfing trip to Western Australia. It is the Australian Summer. The more you will go north the hotter it will get and the more wind you will get. The average wind speed of 12kn that you can see in the statistics does not really give a good impression about the wind as you have lots of times 25knots or so.

For me I had bad luck as said before. Of course that can always happen :) If was there twice. Once in 2009 where wind was awesome and 2017 where it was not good.

Smartphone users

Turn phone to landscape to see the full wind statistic

See the forecast for the next days in this animation from

Kite-Spots, Map

This is the first review where I have to fit 44 Spots from a destination one one page. So I decided to split them up. I will make several sections covering different parts of the journey. They will be as follows

First we go from “South to North” from Perth to Shark Bay

  1. Rockingham / Safety Bay and Area Perth covering Woodmans Point, Point Walter at Swan River, Mosman Beach at Vlamingh Parkland, Scarborough, Trigg Beach, Pinaroo Point and Mullalloo Beach
  2. Lancelin, Ledge Point and information about Wedge Island
  3. Namburg, Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Greenhead
  4. Dongara, Geraldton, Bluff Point till Coronation Beach
  5. Port Gregory and two spots in Kalbarry
  6. Nanga Bay, Denham, Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

Then for closing going south of Perth covering Avalon Kite Beach in Mandurah, information about Australind (kiting forbidden), Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunker Bay, Yallingup, Margaret River Rivermouth (kiting forbidden), Margaret River Main Break Surfers Point, Gnarabup, Redgate and finally the great spot in Augusta in the Rivermouth where I ended my roadtrip.

In general. it is to say that Western Australia is covered with endless possibilities to kite. In almost each village there is a beach and you can kite. I got here the most famous ones and sometimes just one where I coincidentally came by. So feel free to check the map yourself and explore more!

On the following map I added all the spots exactly.

How - To

Within the Google Map shown on this page you can drag the little Person-Icon on the right side of the map on most of the streets.

The Map then switches into Street-view mode and and you can literlally “beam” yourself there and also look around that way.

Spot Area Perth: Rockingham / Safety Bay and Area Perth covering Woodmans Point, Point Walter at Swan River, Mosman Beach at Vlamingh Parkland, Scarborough, Trigg Beach, Pinaroo Point and Mullalloo Beach 

Rockingham / Safety Bay & Safety Bay Pond & Shoalwaters

In Shoalwaters you can start, in front of pinguin island. Both sides are kiteable, but better to start at the left after the jetty to not disturb boating traffic.

Left from jetty starts safety bay beach which leads to Saftety Bay Pond. Look at exact rigging infos to not disturb regulatory of sailers. Safety Bay Beach is amazing as well as the pond which is probably the best place to kite around Perth. Super flat. Lot of Pros are there during Australian summer.

I would definitely prefer to ride in Safety Bay Pond when you are there. Shoalwaters / Safety Bay Beach I would use when the Pond is too crowded.

At Safety Bay Pond you find the Surf School WA Surf. Bought a wetsuit there, they are nice :)

There is NO CAMPGROUND in Shoalwaters. So you have to go a quite long drive north or south to find the next. So expect no Camping possibility there.

I met a young talent when I was there. So I included his Video here. Also because you really can get a good feeling of how great the pond is. My pictures sadly are rainy and low tide – so better watch the Vid :)

Woodman Point

Very beautiful beach. Look at wind direction which side you want to use. In Jervoise Bay  you get Kitesurfing Lessons from Perth Elemental School . You see the picture with the spot rules. Jervois Bay is mainly reserved for the school. Else is open for public kiting. In the very north there is also a prohibited zone.

Point Walter @ Swan River

Nice spot at east in city center. Which makes it special is that it’s so centered in the city. Basically there is little space so I guess at primetime it may get crowded.

Mosman Beach near Vlamingh Parklands

Big – nice – too.

Scarborough & Trigg Beach

Didn’t get pictures of these but as far as I could find out they are quite similar to Mullalloo or e.g. Pinnaroo Point. Be careful, currents are strong and sands are moving. So follow the locals. These kind of beaches you can find a lot in Perth.

Pinnaroo Point

A beautiful beach like Mullalloo.

Mullalloo Beach

This is a beautiful big beach. See signs where launching and riding is ok and where the place is for swimmers. On photos it’s rainy, please send kite pics if you have better ones from that spot (  Should be normally choppy as there is no reef or something.

Ledge Point, Lancelin and then till Wedge Island

Regarding Camping in this reagion I recommend the caravan park directly in Lancelin. I stayed there. In Lancelin in the evening go to the Endeavour Tavern to have dinner.

Ledge Point

There is one spot in Ledge Point. Unfortunately here on the pics it was raining again.

Lancelin Main Beach

This is the famous Lancelin Beach. Also the Lancelin Classics Kiteboarding Events is here. Super flat on one side.

Lancelin Back Beach

Second Spot in Lancelin. Nice and more waves. Unfortunately rainy on the pics again. Sorry for that :) Have better pics? Please send me:

Wedge Island

Wedge Island is north of Lancelin, south of Namburg National park. I was not able to go there as you need 4wd and if it’s raining as it was for me … So I didn’t go but I took a pic of the sign :) I guess it’s also possible to walk in and have a look. I made a screenshot from Google Maps Satellite as the place looks so awesome – next time I want to check it out – maybe you can :)

Let’s continue: Namburg, Cervantes, Jurien Bay & Green Head

There is a Camping in Jurien Bay but I didn’t like it so much. Go for the Milligan island camping area. It’s a bit off the beaten track but directly at the beach and I liked it. It was 15$ a night.

I didn’t find kiteschools or shops in that region.

Namburg National Park: Hangover Bay

Very nice Bay with cool Parking with pit latrine. Turquoise Bay. Nice with south winds.

Cervantes: Thirsty Point Lookout

You have good parking and there is a nice lookout where you can look over the Bay. You see the view from it over the parking to the sea on the pics. The spot should work well with southerly winds.

Jurien Bay

Good normal Beach again. Sorry for the pics, was rainy again. Have better Pics from kiting here? Please send them to if it’s ok for you to be included here!

Greenhead: Anchorage Bay

Again good kiteable spot with no specials. With almost all spots where I was not able to kite I can not say anything about stones or rocks in the water etc. Best is you ask locals when you are there.

More to the North: Dongara, Geraldton, Bluff Point, Coronation Beach

For Camping I recommend Coronation Beach. It is very cheap and you are directly at the spot – but you don’t have showers and only pit latrines. So bring all you need with you. It’s only a little fee to pay.

The other possibility to camp is between Dongara and Geraldton. There you find 2 free campgrounds. I stayed at flat rocks. There you have a toilette and sweetwater but both are shitty and not what you would call clean etc. :) but at least it’s there and free.

Another Camping is north of Dongara directly at the kitespot. The holiday park there seems ok but when we where there the river was great and therefor also the part of the ocean before the camping. Maybe this was just temporary.


In Dongara there are two Spots. One is south beach at the Starfish Cafe. It’s and extremly long white beach with small breaks and I saw some surfers at the south end. There is good parking at Starfish Cafe where you can of course also have a break with food.

The second Spot in Dongara is directly north of the river. When we where there the river was brown and therefor also the ocean before. Most likely because of the lot of rain that time. I guess this was only temporary when I look at Google Maps satellite now. Have better pictures: please send it to me!

Dongara South Beach Starfish Cafe Pictures
Dongara Spot north of the River at Seaspray holiday Park


Geraldton also has two Spots. One is Seperation Point and the other is the Marine terrace at Point Moore which I would prefer when you are in Geraldton. If you don’t have time to see both go to Point Moore. It’s a huge beach which is great for everything. I would call it the main spot for Geraldton.

I also found a nice coffee place in Geraldton Center. It’s not so common the more you go up north so maybe you want to stop by :)

Geraldton Kitesurfing Spot Point Moore Pictures
Geraldton Kiteboarding Spot Seperation Point Pictures

Bluff Point

At Bluff Point again here are two Spots. One is St. Georges Beach. It’s a city beach with just little place but ok. The second spot is directly at a camping. Actually the Camping is the most beautiful we saw. Really cool and nice as I could kite there. So look for Sunset Beach Camping. The campsite has also a pool so you may rest there a while from your journey. Wind is sideshore at sunset beach. Kiting-fun is medium as there are currents and its choppy. So for kiting e.g. Marine Terrace in Geraldton  is for sure better but together with a sleep at the camping you can go out once but thats probably enough :)

Bluff Point St. Georges Beach Pictures
Bluff Point Kitesurfing at Sunset Beach Pictures

Coronation Beach!

This is probably one of the most famous kite spots in Western Australia on this Roadtrip route.

One kite-shop is there. Kitewest:

It is a great wave spot and also a windsurf dream spot. In the beginning it’s slightly choppy but not too much. Outside you have awesome medium waves that keep rolling in for fun for kite and windsurfers who kind of coexist at this spot.When there is low tide it is also flatter near the beach. With big wind you have kickers for superhigh jumps.

Lookout for the signs on the beach where the kitesurfing zone is. It is not allowed to rig up everywhere.

At the camping you find toilettes and shade but you have no showers or sweetwater. Attention: there are mice at the campground so look carefully where you stay and maybe ask people. I had 4 mice in my car after that night, that was no fun to get them out :)

Here is a little Video I made of Coronation Beach. I know it’s really shitty but I think better then nothing and you get a feeling of how big the place is and how it looks like :)

We continue: Port Gregory and Kalbarri

In direction Port Gregory you pass by pink Lakes. You can not miss it and it will be great for some pictures!

Regarding camping I can recommend the Caravan Park in Port Gregory or a Camping at the river in Kalbarri at Murchinson River Caravan Park (I stayed there and it was really picturesque and beautiful). Here you see the Caravan park on two pictures.

Port Gregory

There is a reef in front of Port Gregory which makes it great to ride. So it is a big flat lagoon. There is plenty of space. Unfortunately some boats stand in the middle of the bay but there are not so many, so just kite somewhere else. If you have a 4WD you can go along the beach and go away from the boats. I suggest you start to the very left  so you can easily stay upwind and don’t get in touch with the boats. Or start right from the boats. There is some shadow and a BBQ Place and also toilette and shower. I consider it a really top spot you should visit. Unfortunately both times I was there we had only 12 knots so it was a bit low.


In Kalbarri there are two Spots. Jakes Point and one directly in Kalbarri in front of the Camping. Jakes Point I do not recommend. I include it as I found it in same other guides, but I don’t like it because the ground is full of shells and I think it’s not a nice launch and start. Maybe there are some good waves or so but I can not say anything about that because there were none when I was there. Maybe ask locals or you see some when you drive by. There is a “Kalbarri Boardriders” Sign so some things will go on but don’t know what yet. Have infos? Let me know at please.

The other Spot is Chinamans Beach at Murchison River. I guess it only works with souteasterly directions so that the wind can come in nicely, but then it should be quite awesome I guess. It has also a nice beach, shadow and toilettes.

Jakes Point
Chinamans Beach – Murchinson River

The last part to the north: Nanga Bay, Denham, Shark Bay & Monkey Mia

For camping I strongly recommend the campground in Nanga Bay. They have also some places to stand almost directly at the sea. And it looks really like a ranch which I loved! There is also a campsite in Denham called Denham Seaside Caravan Park. You can also kite in front of that camping. I stayed at both of them.

For Restaurants you should go to Old Pub in Denham. In Nanga Bay  there is a restaurant too but only open during holiday season. Schools and Kiteshops I couldn’t find up there.

When you drive in direction Shark Bay you should definitely make a Stop at Shell Beach. A Beach that doesn’t consist of sand but little shells. Looks amazing and great for Pictures. In Monkey Mia you can see Dolphins that come directly to the beach. This is of course quite touristic. Also worth a look is Eagle Island Lookout where you have a great view on Shark Bay and if you stay and look closely you can easily see the shadows of the animals after which the bay is named :)

Regarding Kitespots there is one in Nanga Bay and four around Denham. Monkey Mia is definitely also kiteable with the right direction (of course not where the touristic Dolphin stuff is) but I guess it doesn’t happen so often during main season.

Caution: Stone fish, cone shells and razor clams occur in Shark Bay. Reef Sandals and booties are recommended when walking in shallow waters.

Nanga Bay was so awesome. That’s why I took plenty of pics:

Nanga Bay

Nanga Bay is on the way to Denhamand definitely worth a stop. It is a perfect large beach at the Nanga Bay Resort. You can camp directly at beach with power supply. You have toiletts and showers available if you camp there. Also a little pool. I really liked that camping. Was like a wild wild west Ranch for me! It’s a huge white sandy beach. Also shade is there at the beach. I loved it. The water is choppy and I felt a current to the north. So with little wind, going left you may loose some height.

Denham 4 spots: Denham Lookout, Knight Terrace, Nicholson Point, Shark Bay Little Lagoon

In Denham Area we have four spots.

The first is south of denham. Called Denham Lookout. There you find the famous Thongue shack and have a good view in direction Denham. It should be great to kite but when I was there it was low tide and then the water is very shallow as you can see. You can go there with 2WD altough the beach is a bit sandy. No toilettes or showers are there.

The second is Denham Knight Terrace. It’s at the north tip of Denham. You have a nice parking at the big beach. Toilettes and nice grass to pack the kites is there. Also there is a camping directly at the Spot. It is called Denham Seaside Caravan Park. You can go to the kitebeach directly from the camping and it is a good spot.

So the third spot I mention for Denham is also in the North of Denham called Nicholson Point (At least that’s the sign I saw there. Nothing about that name in Google Maps :) So I call it that way now as long as someone tells me differnetly.). You have to take a sand road. It is ok for 2wd but you can not go to the front of the beach but have to park a bit back – you will see when you are there. Then you need to walk 50m to get to the spot. There is no shade and no Toilettes. With low tide there is only little water in the lagoon. A but upwind you find super flat water at a sandbank. It is quite gusty because of the land over which the wind is coming. So we moved back to Knights terrace because of the gust.

The best spot for me and also the most beautiful was Little Lagoon. Altough it’s also a bit gusty it is a must kite spot with beautiful scenenry. If you kite to the upwindest tip of the lagoon you have butterflat water. As said it is gusty but soooo flat I can not say it often enough :) It was extra beautiful to ride there. At the parking of Little Lagoon you have shade, toilettes but no sweetwater Shower.

Monkey Mia?

Monkey Mia is worth to talk about as the Dolphins Resort is there. That’s one of the few places where Dolphins are free an come by themself daily for feeding. Of course a tourist Resort is built around it. You can see it on the pics.

Theoretically I guess the beach to the right of the Resort is kiteable (at right side of the birds you see on the pics). On the north shore there is much touristic things going on so don’t do it there. Also to the right I don’t know which wind direction would work. Most likely it’s off shore with the normal direction. There is no rescue boat around etc. So be definitely aware and check twice before you go out.

The beach south/east of the resort you can access over a boat ramp. Then go right or walk over the dunes, but better over the ramp to protect the dunes of course. It’s a nice beach but because of the entry fee we went back to Denham and didn’t stay there. The resort by the way is really nice if you want to stay or camp there. It’s kind of a higher class venue with nice grass, bar etc. For me it was to touristic.

The entry fee to Monkey Mia is 12 AUD p.p for 24 hours or 18 AUD for a holiday pass (prices from Feb 2017 when I was there). If you want to see the feeding with the Dolphins this costs extra of course :)

Whole Shark Bay is full of Bays where you can choose from so this is a theoretical spot I list here as you will most probably also visit Monkey Mia and think about it. But as the name says: Sharks also live hear so be cautious :)

And now back to Perth. And exploring the South from Perth to Augusta

Regarding Camping I can recommend the Turner Caravan Park directly at the spot in Augusta. From there you could walk or go 2 minutes by car to kite. Other campgrounds I didn’t check out as I drove all the way down south to Augusta from Perth. The spots inbetween I only looked at and took pictures. It was raining, so don’t much more to do that time.

In Margaret River there are some Surfshops. It’s a surf Mekka. Also in Dunsborough I saw a Surf and Skateshop and a Quiksilver Store. But not for kite equipment I guess. So let’s start from north to south.

Avalon Kite Beach – Mandurah

A beauiful big beach. Litttle breaks on left may get bigger as surfing sign is also on beach. Watch the signs where the surfing area is. Will only work with westerly wind directions, normally most likely a bit offshore.

Australind – Bunbury

Kiting is forbidden here in most areas. I checked the spot as somewhere I saw you can kite here – but there are definit signs it’s not allowed now. But maybe not everywhere. I read some forum entries where they talk about great flat water areas. But what I saw there it seems not allowed for the Lake and the speed-limit zones. Maybe around is a spot. Know one? Please let me know:


A big city beach with jetty and lots of place for everything. But as the predominant Wind Direction is S/SW, most of the time it’s offshore. Maybe ok when there is a NW storm.


Beach looks good, but again with SW it will not work well. With the predominant wind, continue to Yallingup.

Bunker Bay

A really cool beach but maaaaaan, the weather I had was so hmmmmm :) And here again -> Wind Direction check, not kiteable with main direction. But when the weather is nice it’s worth a look as it’s a cool beach with restaurant, toilettes, shower, etc.


It’s a great wave surf spot, lots of surfers there as we are coming nearer and nearer to Margaret River. Huge beach.

Margaret River Rivermouth – forbidden

I also visited this spot as I saw somewhere that it’s kiteable. But when I asked the safeguard at the beach I heard that this beach is for swimmers only and kitesurfing is prohibited (as of Feb 2017).

Margaret River – Surfers Point

This is one of the most famous surf spots in Australia. Margaret River anyways is crowded by wave surfers. It’s a real Surf Mekka. You can also kite at the spot but as far as I could see you should really only do if you are very experienced with wave-kiting. The spot doesn’t look easy. Starting with going out, it seems there’s a little channel in the middle where all paddle out. This is the place to get in and out. If you are out and you can kite in waves I guess it’s awesome.

When I was there, again it was raining. So with wind, best is you ask some locals about the local rules, was not able to find out. Have infos about that for me? Please send to

Gnarabup at Elephant Cafe

Beach is ok. You see the beach when you look left from surfers point. This beach is also more for surfers I guess but kiteable. Huge beach to the left. Cafe looks also inviting!

Redgate Beach

Beach is also beautful and it seems it has waves for starters as I saw some surfschools teaching here. You should be able to kite with wind but on this beach I would rather try to catch some waves. It looked really inviting.

Augusta Rivermouth Kitesurfing

This place was one of the best spots on my Roadtrip! You really should check it out! The Rivermouth flat are. WOAAAAHH :)

You can kite in the rivermouth which is butterflat or you can choose to ride outside on the ocean which has smaller waves and a little reef. Not so dangerous – some rocks but nothing else special regarding to locals. Inside the rivermouth around in 2014 they opened a channel to the ocean which brings salt water into the rivermouth and makes the water clear as the ocean as it was more brownish before. Now it’s awesomely nice. Riding in the rivermouth, in the part which locals call “Dead water” as the river seems to have no ending, you have the most flat water that I have ever experienced. This river-lagoon is around 2,5km long and with south easterly wind which is the best and predominant direction for this spot you can almost ride straight through. On the edge to the sandbank which devides ocean from the river there is not even a ripple on the water. I have never experienced something like this before and think I only want to ride on such spots  from now on… which makes my life not really easier :)

You can pump up your kite on the main beach which is to the ocean side. There is parking – end then you can ride directly on the seaside or you can go through the channel to the rivermouth. Directly at the mouth is an about 10m wide channel where you can ride through to the lagoon so you don’t  have to walk over a sandbank that is there. You will see when you are there, it’s easy.
Or you can start your kite from the Rivermouth where there is a little grass area with a shower too. But there you have to go into the water to launch, else you will be in the wind shadow – so this should only be done by experienced kiters and when there is little traffic or people on the beach. Else go and start at the mainbeach so the spot stays safe.

What about sharks in Western Australia?

There are sharks there. So be aware and follow standard cautiousness. Here are some common sense tips from

  • Help protect yourself with a shark detterent device.
  • Check before heading to the beach
  • Make sure you stay in protected areas if there are some (patrolled beaches) or if unpatrolled, stay close to the shore and avoid deep channels.
  • Avoid hazardous waters
  • Don’t ignore warning signs
  • Take a mate with you

Travel / Flight

You will most likely fly to Perth and then have your Motorhome ready or organize yourself some transfer to your hotel (maybe they can organize it for you…) and pick the car or Motorhome up the next day.

Motorhome rental

You need a Motorhome for your road trip. It can be a smaller and cheaper Campervan or a luxurious big Motorhome. We recommend this Motorhome Comparison to find the cheapest price and also the biggest selection. I also used this site for my Roadtrip and all worked well. If you book over my site you also buy me a cup of coffee for the work i invested here as I got affiliated with the page. But for sure, check it out, it’s the best comparison site for Motorhomes out there.

Find the cheapest Motorhome for your Roadtrip

I recommend using this Motorhome Comparison Site below to check the best Campervan or Motorhome for you. Chose your prefered pick up and drop off location.

Find the cheapest Motorhome for your Roadtrip

I recommend using this Motorhome Comparison Site below to check the best Campervan or Motorhome for you. Chose your prefered pick up and drop off location.

Car rental

If you want a car and not a Motorhome and you want to stay in hotels or appartements in every city you should use RentalCars to find the best car price.


Prices are around Western European Level. Alcohol more expensive. Eating in restaurants also more expensive.

A typical day on your West Australia Kiteboarding Roadtrip

I enjoyed a lot. Living a van life is freedom. Wake up, have a good coffee right in front of your van or at the beach. Each day somewhere different. Go kiting at different spots every day. See beautiful scenery and landscapes. Enjoy the sun, and, use sun protector!!!

Kiteboarding schools in Western Australia

  • Perth: You have plenty of them. Use Google Maps search to find the nearest you need.
  • Rockingham / Safetybay:
  • Coronation Beach:
  • Margaret River: It’s a surf Mekka. You find lot.


  • In Rockingham / Safety Bay Pond:
  • Perth: There are plenty. Use Google Maps search to find the nearest suiting you.
  • Margaret River: It’s a surf Mekka. You find lot
  • Dunsborough: A Surf and Skateshop and a Quiksilver Store is there. But only wave surfing. No kiting.

Crime & Security

You feel really safe. I never had the feeling that it is not so. People are friendly all around. As always keep common sense rules. Close the car, don’t let things visible in the car etc. But you are definitely safer than lot of other countries.

General travel information


  • Yanchep National Park: Right after leaving Perth there is this National Park. You can see kangaroos closely.
  • Pinnacles: Normal tourists definitely visit this. Special Rock formations.
  • Shell Beach: On the way to Shark Bay. Beautiful Beach from shells.
  • Monkey Mia: See Dolphins Feeding at the Resort (for me it was too touristic but do if you like it)
  • Pink Lake: On the way to Port Gregory. Interesting salt Lake
  • Eagle Bluff Lookout: On the way to Denham a great view over Shark Bay. You can spot the sharks from above
  • Stromatolites: Some super old thingies in the water. They say it’s one of the oldest things on earth or so… Well, at my description you see I was not so interested in it but it’s on the “to see list” :)


Puh. In Perth or the bigger cities up north. Else don’t expect anything more than a Pub if you are lucky :)


There are so many. So I don’t want randomly to include here 1,2,3. Look on youtube with these search criteria and you see some Vids:


  • You need a VISA to enter Australia and you have to apply prior arrival. You can do it online here.
  • Kangaroos: Be aware of them on the road, especially at night. If you do the full roadtrip I can promise you, you will see dead kangaroos lying left and right at the road – so you can see it’s a real threat and you don’t want to kill one of those nice animals. If your car doesn’t have this safety thing at the front your car will be severely damaged if you hit one. So don’t! Best is you don’t drive at night. At daylight also be careful and watch out!

Hi, if you like this review and want to stay at a place I suggested on this site or rent a Motorhome suggested over the search here, please use the links and search boxes above on this page if you decide to book. You automatically buy me a cup of coffee with that and I thank you :)

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If you have a question about the kiteboarding Roadtrip for Western Australia and your answer is not yet answered, check if there is already something about it in our Western Australia Kiteboarding Forum. Or ask directly a question there, or here with the form below.

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Written by mathias …

… and thanks to Halina Lesyk for making lots of pictures of this review page.

I love to kite, you love to kite, we love to kite :) Hope you like this review!

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