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    Hi Guys!

    Your site is awesome. I hope the trip was super fulfilling. Thanks for sharing. Im moving to Perth. Wooohoo! Here to my question: If you lived in Perth permanently would you have a 4WD to be able to explore that little bit extra/get you that bit closer to the launch spot or would you cruise in comfort in the camper because you can park right by most of the spots anyway. I have a 4WD and im wondering if I should sell up and replace it with a van when I get there rather than incurring the costs of taking it all the way down there with me. Im slightly attached to my 80 series as I’ve kitted it out with tents and all the jazz but a comfy spacious van to chill in is a good idea if i can walk out onto the kite spot anyway. Most sessions will be after work and weekend escapades. I do have a spring in my stride and wouldnt mind seeing those extra special spots but not enough to warrant having the 4WD for that one week a year where I venture more than 4hrs out of the city. What are your thoughts? When did you wish you really had a 4WD, if at all.

    I would love to hear you might think.

    Take it easy! :)

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    Hi James,
    For what you describe you dont need 4wd. 4wd is more impirtant you go to the north. Around coral Bay and more north there may be more dirtroads where 4wd is recommended but how often will you drive the 1k km up? If you do you could rent for a short amount of time. For perth around you definitely dont need it.
    Actually on my trip the only place where i missed 4wd was the entry to wedge Island. There is no go without 4wd.
    Enjoy your stay ;)

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