Here’s how you add a destination / business / spot

If you want to add something to an already available destination

Drop us an E-Mail to and we let you know how to get on this page!

Reasons for a listing

  • Top Google Search-Listings

    Our destination pages have top Google Search listings. People searching for kitesurfing information at these destinations will most likely visit our site. Example Listings for these keywords ( international):

    • Kitesurfing Cape Town: #1
    • Kitesurfing Martinique: #1
    • Kitesurfing Barbados: #1
    • Kitesurfing Bahamas: #1
    • Kitesurfing Antigua: #2

    Welovetokite had in 2016 till End of November 26.000 Visits and 40.000 Page Views. In 2015 22.000 Visits and 30.000 Page Views.

  • Duration Time on our pages: Very high

    The average duration time of a users visit on our site is very much above average – which is the best indicator for high interest.

    • Cape Town Page: 08:43 min
    • Martinique Page: 07:22 min
    • Barbados Page: 05:39 min
    • Bahamas Page: 06:52 min
    • Peljesac Page: 09:56 min

    This means, our users spend a lot of time on and really read a lot as they find all they need for they stay on our pages!

  • They are looking for you

    If somebody is looking for a new holiday destination she or he needs information about the place. We provide that in a very contrasting and personal style compared to other websites. People like the information, they stay such a long time on the page and are deep into the topic and open for suggestions. If your business fits, thats win win for everybody.

When you have a subscription

  • Editing Content

    If you have a subscription and a listing on my site, just drop me an e-mail to and i will incorporate your wishes/changes anytime.

If you want to add something, that would belong to a destination not available yet

  1. Contact us at and tell us which destination you want to add, we will tell you everything you need to do.
  2. Before, you can have a look at this review that may be an example for you in which depth I want a review to be so I include it. If it’s ok for you to provide this, that’s cool and I am happy to hear from you :) Of course copy paste from other website is not allowed. Before i publish anything in my name i will check other sites if the information is already available there.

And as a reward of course your buisness will be included. And you can of course do automatically some advertising in the text for your area as you include it, please keep in mind that I will not publish content that reads like an advertisment of yours :)

What I consider a suitable business

Whatever you consider your business and has anything todo with kitesurfing. Can be an appartement, hotel, kiteschool, bar, restaurant or even your blog if you are professional kiteboarder – you can write about your homespot and include your pictures, videos etc.