This is

I’m Mathias. I am a passionate kiteboarder for over 15 years now and like to explore lots of places to kite. That’s how this site started. I try to present places to kitesurf by destination, not by spot. Imagine you plan your next trip and don’t know where to begin to look! I want to provide all necessary information for your trip on one place! I do myself, always like 20 hours or more of research for a spot i don’t know. Here I try to sum up all I know after I was there. Everything that I wished to have before on one site :)

I just startet so you will find only a few destinations yet but in good-quality (at least i try to do my best:). With nice images to get a good impression of the spots, accommodation suggestions, car-rental suggestions, review from people who were already there and from whom you can really get a good feeling of how the place is. You will find everything that you need for your next kitesurf-holiday planning.

If you are the owner of a kiteboarding appartement, kitesurfing shop or school and have all information of your homespot already on you computer you can send it to me. I’ll do my best to make a destination review out of it. But please: look at the reviews how extensive they are. So if you are not willing to put together information that is that detailed, i will not publish it. But when it’s published of course your business will be listed in the review.

If you are interested in that, you can find out more here.