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Peljesac is a peninsula in the south of croatia. Good spots for kiteboarding in croatia are rare, but Viganj and Kuciste are definately some of the places beneath Bol and Premantura that are worth visiting when you think about kiteboarding in Croatia. On the peninsula Peljesac, between the island korcula and peljesac you have a channel where the wind gets stronger and you have fun when athers don’t. Especially when you’re from Europe and looking for a place not to fare away – reachable by car – this is definitely a place to check out in pre-periods. Summer is crowded here, but from from april till beginning of june and september to november this place is really good.

Of course it’s good too during the summer month but if you don’t want to be part of a kite- or windsurf armagedon, try to get here during off-peak times. In summer month everybody want’ts to wind- or kitesurf here. So you know what you can expect when you are here during this time when you see the pics that show the size of the starting-beach available. So. Wind’s are good here during spring, summer and autumn. Not every day, but continously good over time. Don’t expect wind every day, but when you stay here a week, you really must have bad luck not to be able to kite.


Here we go: Some pictures so you get a glimps of how it’s over there:

Accomodation on Peljesac for kiteboarders


Appartements may be a bit away from the beach. The mobile Homes in Perna have bit of an appartement feeling for your stay if you don’t have a too big luxury demand and they are at the spot.

Camping an Mobile Homes

At both Spots you have Campings directly at the Beach. If you want to stay at the Kuciste Beach you should stay at

Camp Perna also has newly built Mobile Homes. So if you don’t want to live in a tent or don’t have a campervan – this is where you should stay as a kiter. The kitebeach is directly in front of your door! See the pictures of the place and you will know what I meen. You can book the mobile homes here.

I stayed at Camp Palme with my campervan, it’s a really small but very nice Camping. In Viganj you can choose

These two are also located directly at the beach where you can kite, so you will also be in walking distance here. If you want to live in an appartement, check out appartements in Kuciste, Viganj, Perna or Orebic. e.g.

Camping in Croatia with your own Motorhome

As an alternative to an appartement or Mobilehome on a camping you can also rent a Motorhome in croatia. So Peljesac will not be your only spot but you can move around the coast and explore different place.

You can check for the lowest price for a Motorhome here at our partner page:


Here you can look for hotels in Orebic. They are not directly at the kitebeach but 5min by car. In Kuciste and Viganj I think there are more guest houses. So if you want to kite there but prefer hotels look in Orebic.

Wind, weather & waves

All year you have winds here. In summer time when there is a stable good weather situation you can really rely on winds coming through in the early afternoon (called Mistral with 15-25knots). But there is nothing like “here is wind all the time”. If you have bad luck you have just a view wind days, with good luck you can kite almost every day. So do also plan alternate program points :) Here some statistics:

Kite-Spots, Map

Kitespots in Viganj & Kuciste

There are two spots here. One is in Kuciste, one in Viganj. I consider both as one, as they are really near together and pretty similar. Here you are on the west-side of the peninsula so you’re waiting for winds coming from the north-west, or south-east at the best. Other directions may work some time but they are eather off-shore or gusty…. But most of the time you will be good here as the most common directions are the ones above mentioned :)

I came here already three times in April and I was alone. Alone because there is no usual holiday-crowd here during this time. If there is wind you have the sea almost for yourself. Kite and Chill! It’s so cool I haven’t found any place like this before :) Of course main season is during summer and the winds are almost better then. But I wouldn’t come here when it’s filled until the last place. But that’s another point. You can actually kite here on two places: One in Kucsiste in front of the camping, one in Viganj in front of another camping – and there is also an IKO kite-center too (Water Donkey). Two quite small beaches but enough to start and land your kites. And on the water – as usual – there’s enough place for everybody!

The beaches are always small and stone-beaches (pebbles) – no sand. But it’s small stones, no rocks – so it’s safe for starting and landing. If you are here in summer – place can get rare, lot’s of people are there. In Kuciste as well as in Viganj you have to be careful about the currents. Theny can get quite strong sometimes. So be aware you are enough upwind so you can get back to your starting position. Else – you will sometimes end in places withouth wind and will have to swim till you reach some island around ;) Check out the place on google-earth! Best Winds are South-East and North-West because they come through the channel. If you are here when there is a good and stable weather condition – you may experience the super-convenient thing that winds sometimes start perfectly at 2pm. This is when there is a stable weather and this may last for some days. Enjoy when you are here and having this. Check also out the local kite-rules – there is a restricted zone on the beach and on the water. So, here are some impressions, and again, I was here in the beginning of April, then all the place is yours. In Summer there are lots of other people here of course.

Kuciste Kite(beach) Pictures

Viganj kitebeach Picture

The local kiteschool is situated here (was closed in April when I was here). This is the second place to kite. It’s a 4 minute-drive by car from the Kuciste Spot to here.

Other kitespots on Peljesac? The Rest?

Well I think it’s also possible to kite on other spots on Peljesac. But the best wind and pest place to start etc. is definitely on this side in Viganj or Kuciste. On other places it’s difficult to launch or land or the wind is coming from inappropriate directions for kiting.

Other island kite spots around

I’ve been around with sailing boats a lot. Of course on a lot of islands there are small bays or places where you can launch – but also not so much, because beach is all stoney. Once I found two small islands connected with just a small peace of land but it’s more up in the north around island Pag. Where the two islands connected there is a peace with just little stones where you can perfectly launch. However you will need a boat. On one side it was off-shore, the other-side on shore. It was absolutely awesome – see the forum below for coordinates. You can reach it only by boat, so for most kiters it’s unreachable :) But if you will be near Pag by boat, see it.

Travel / Flight

Most of the people hear are tourists arriving by car. And you need a car or Motorhome. You can go to Dubrovnik by plane and rent a car or Motorhome there, or most likely you are European and drive here by your car.

Car rental

Sorry, don’t have any insider-tip here. If you need a car, check out the big car rentals at the airport. Check the RentalCars Banner Below and look up the best prices of the big companies at Dubrovnik Airport if you need a car. From there you’ll drive a bit more than an hour.

Motorhome rental

You can search below for the cheapest Motorhome price in Croatia with our partner Motorhomerepublic. You get a comparison of various companies offering Motorhomes there. This is the major pricecomparison site for Motorhomes.


Would consider it as quite normal central-european prices here. Maybe a little bit cheaper.

A typical day on Peljesac

Expect really calm environment in spring. When I was there in April/May i was almost the only one – also on the campings. It’s quiet and you can really relax. Also restaurants are mostly closed and you have to go to Orebic for restaurants or have a coffee. On the other hand in high season in summer it’s super buisy. Lot of people and real dalmatian summer surf feeling! I feel like it’s more a place for camping than appartements there. Feels like there is more place dedicated to camping than to hotels or appartements. More hotel and appartement style is in Orebic for example.

Miscelanous stuff you should know there

If you stay in Orebic, Kucsite, Viganj or around don’t miss taking the ferry to Korcula island. The old-city is incredibly beautiful and an absolut must-see!

Kiteboarding schools in Peljesac –  Kuciste and Viganj

There is a Kiteboarding Station at Kuciste Beach – but I don’t know if they just rent or also give lessons. But there is a kite school at the Viganj Beach. You can check it out here.


I only saw the two kite-schools / kite-stations down there and no shops (but i was there in off-season, so maybe they sell stuff too when it’s high season). But it seems there is no dedicated kite-shop around.

Crime & Security

Nothing special to say here. I felt really safe, and I would say it is like that.

General travel information

Must-visit-stuff, nightlife & good-to-know-things

You can go with boat or ferry to korcula island and visit the beautiful town over there. Check out if you go there for additional infos. On Peljesac you can go mountainbiking, hiking, diving or just take a walk near the sea. There is almost no nightlife here. If you come in off-season times – almost everything is closed. If you are here during summer, also don’t expect more than some restaurants and a bar with music at the beach. It’s really for kiting an relaxing here.

Location Kitebeach Webcams

We found nothing useful by now. Do you know a good Webcam at this spot? Drop us a mail, please ;)


This Video from summer 2013 (not mine, found on youtube) shows pretty good how it looks down there. Altough it looks pretty flat on the video – the time I was there, there was a lot of wind and almost 99% less people as you can see on the pictures in this article :)


Nothing to say yet here in this section.

Q&A – Peljesac Kiteboarding Forum

If you have questions about kiteboarding on Peljesac, read through available topics in our Peljesac kiteboarding forum room or ask your question directly right away!

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