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    Maria Arbex

    Hello! I am going to the Island of Hvar on the 17th of July. My three kids are 18years old and would like to kitesurf. Considering they are all
    beginners, although already have practiced a couple of times in Brazil, require an instructor to accompany them throughout the lesson.

    We are also staying in Dubrovnik afterwards, so if you could please send me the cost of the transportation to your location from Hvar and Dubrovnik! I need to know if theres any easier and quicly way to get to you guys, so i can decicde if the best days to kite are when we stay in Hvar or later when we’ll be staying in Dubrovnik.

    If you could please send me the information concerning the prices of the
    lesson as soon as possible!
    Thank you.


    hi maria,
    sorry, i don’t offer any service in peljesact – this is just a review of the spot :) but I recommend you contact the local school that i linked from this review page – they can maybe help you out although I don’t know if they offer transportation services.
    all the best, mathias

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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