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    We’re thinking of heading to El Gouna in June to kite. We have our own kit, and have found a house to rent just a few hundred metres from the Mangroovy Beach. I’m just wondering whether you can kite on that beach without paying the kiteschools for storage etc., as we wouldn’t really need it being so close. Alternatively, could you please recommend any kite beaches in Egypt where it is free to kite? All the one’s we’ve found so far seem to be linked to a kite school/hotel.

    Thanks for your help, and for the El Gouna review – it was really useful!


    Hi Tara, actually it’s not allowed. You have to go to a school and pay for the storage. Then you can use all the facilities and its really nice.
    The only hotel where it is still allowed is directly in front of the moevenick resort because there also a school. for all the other schools you have to go there from your hotel as there is no direct accomodation.

    as far as i know it’s almost everywhere in egypt like that. but storage is not so expensive and they take care of the beach and also the lagoon which is cleaned from things that could hurt you. so i think it makes sense to use these :)

    as far as i know at the moment there is a big building project going on there and most kite-schools will have to move more to north within the next years as kiting will be forbidden everywhere directly at the town… hope this helps. visiting el gouna is really worth it!

    Good to hear you liked the review :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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