Hi Lukas,
good to hear you liked the review!
regarding your questions:
1. yes it is easy. there is plenty of space (at least where I was there approx 5 years ago). but i would wonder why this would change. in front of the venue there was lot of space and even more on the other big beaches. Yes there are tides but there is always enough water to kite
2. supermarket in walking distance: no, biking ok but I would definitely recommend to rent a car for buying supplies and also driving to the other beaches as i guess you will not stick only to one.
3. cost of meal, can not remember exactly but I think a main dish was around 10-15€ so normal mid-european. dont expect cheapness but it’s also not super expensive to live. of course there are luxury restaurants which are very expensive. but the garden grill was normal for carribean level.
4. Also can not remember exactly but I think around 50%-60% of the time, So it was not always on. but I liked that there is also quiet time for checking out the island!