Hi Vladimir,

good to hear you like the review. I hope it helps people who want to go to martinique – myself i spent really loads of hours until i got all this information before i went there. so its good to hear that :)

The appartement in Baie de Mullets is really kind of my “special tip” because i found it by coincidence and we were really lucky. it’s an absoutely newly build appartement. around it the “town” is not so nice, but in the appartement complex you feel like having luxury for little money! We were in an appartement with one double bed, kitchen, and bathroom. but they have also bigger ones. so just write them and ask if they have appartements available. if their bigger ones are free than you can take one for 4 people (2 adults 2 kids) and one for 2 adults. i don’t think they have an appartement with 3 beds – but just ask. as i said we had the smallest one.

what will for sure work is the hotel that i recommend but for sure it’s more expensive. that other appartements i recommend on the review page i didn’t visit myself but they were recommend to me by local kiters. so asking there is of course worth….

hope everything fits for you! we spent 21 days, and actually it was one of my kite holidays with most wind days.
Enjoy, and if you have any other question regarding the kite spots, car etc. just ask, i will do my best to help :)

all the best from egypt where I am at the moment. el gouna – also very recommendable :)