Hi Kosma,

sorry for my late answer! Nice to hear you find the information helpful!
If you want to go to Eleuthera from Nassau, book a inland flight at Bahamas Air. http://bahamasair.com/
They are quite cheap. And it’s an experience as the airport is “very local” in eleuthera, and the planes are quite cosy :)
Of course the ferry is an alternative when you prefer this.

Spots on Eleuthera: We rented a car and went all over the island (the main road). Don’t expect too much regarding kiting there. As you can see in the video we where in the north at preachers cave. this was ok but rough sea. other beautiful beaches are mostly private. so there are not so much entrances to kite… (except you have an appartment/villa directly at the sea, then kite there :) And there is nothing like an “official kitebach” or school. not even Surfshop – so take all equipment with you. e.g. don’t forget the pump. haha :) But there is a (wave)surfcamp in Eleutherea that is pretty famous. I didn’t make it there as the side road that went to this place felt like my rental car will totally fall apart if I take it.

Exuma: I was not there unfortunately but as far as I know it’s the best place for kiting in Bahamas. Google for Exuma Kiteboarding – I think there is some kite infrastructure / beach / school etc.

Hope this helps – If you have any New Providence or Eleuthera question let me know – these islands I explored :) Actually regarding New Providence you find everything on this page I guess :) And If you like the page and book a hotel there – please book over the booking.com links on my page to by me a cup of coffee if you like (I get some little % provision then :)