Martinique – Kiteboarding on the flower island of the carribean


Martinique is probably not the first spot in the carribean one would choose if he or she is not from a french speaking country. But it’s definitely worth to have a closer look at and take into consideration.

Martinique is part of the French Antilles. In the North of Martinque, the next island is Dominica, in the South you have St. Lucia. For those who are not really familiar with the carribean islands: let’s say it’s in the “middle” of the carribean islands. Martinique is French Territory. This means you are kind of in France over there. So you pay with Euros and you are in the European Union – which is quite funny, because when you travel along the island you will pass several places where you will see a “Built with sponsorship of the Europen Union” sign. Ok but don’t bother, you’re really in the carribean :)

As Martinique is part of France, you can imagine they speak French there. Most of the tourists and kiters going there are also French. So you can assume now – you will need some French over there too. On the Airport, at your Appartement, in Restaurants or Supermarkets: be sure you know some basic French – else you will absolutely not be able to communicate. All the people are really friendly but just a few speak English. This is true for most of the older people – with the younger ones you will be fine with English. And of course the people who kite over there will also help you out in English … I write so much about this, because i mean it like this! I had a hard time over there in the 1st week until i unpacked my few French words from the back of my brain … :)

The island itself is beautiful. Totally green, nice nature, beautiful beaches. Do not expect super-touristic places there, as far as I experienced it – they don’t exist, and that’s nice. It’s more kind of a “I have a car, travel around and explore the island and spots” holiday than a “check in in hotel and kite at the beach in front of the hotel” holiday. Get a car, and let the carribean spirit flow. I hope it stays like that. So now let’s get to the important kitestuff-facts.


Here you can get a general glimps of what it’s over there. If you scroll more down in this article you find also detailed information about the spots and xtra pics belonging to them.

Accomodation in Martinique for kiteboarders

If you come to Martinique for Kiteboarding, i recommend living in Vauclin, as near to Pointe Faula as possible. Of course you can decide between some nice hotel or appartement.


If you prefer the more exclusive character of hotels to appartements, check out the Hotels near the Vauclin area. There is one i recommend that is directly located at the kitebeach (Le Village) but that is not so luxuarious, the other one (Cap Macabou) a bit more far away where you would need a car – but a really nice hotel,

Le Village de la Pointe  (Kite Camp Martinique)
Located directly at the kitebeach. Really newly built. Just a walk to the kitebeach – directly at Pointe Faula. Probably the best place if you want a real kiteboarding holiday! But it’s also pretty simple. A bit between camping and hotel i would say. But well you are directly at the beach and it’s super cheap. Go to Hotel Page.

Hotel Cap Macabou
it’s really nice and not so expensive and you are near the kitebeach.
Check it out here (see also the map on the hotel site, and compare with the kitebeach location, you will see it’s really near but you need a car.)

Of course there are some more hotels in the area, but all a little bit more away. Check the other hotels in the area here! There are lot of quite affordable ones around. But don’t forget, you’ll need a car anyways :)


Myself, I booked a nice appartement a 5min drive away in Baie de Mulets. I like this, as the appartements are cheap and nice. There is nothing around the appartement house – just not so nice houses, so you will always need to use your car, but if you prefer appartements to hotels, you should check out this:

Studio Baie des Mulets
See the Apartement here.

Wind, weather & waves

I visited Martinique End of January / Beginning of February and we had 3 weeks wind in a row. This was of course with some luck, but i flew home with the feeling of having been to the most wind-safe spot of the world :) The statistics say you should better come January to May. December and June can work to, but as the wind period starts / ends here you better pic the safe middle. January to May is Carribean “Winter” which is the nicer time to stay. You have just little rain, lots of sun and yeah well, it’s just nice carribean feeling :) More light than strong wind. And waves? Well, i heard rumours about Waveriding on Martinique, but it’s probably not the best place if you are looking for a wavespot …

Kite Spots / Map

Pointe Faula

Pointe Faula is the Main Kitebeach in Martinique. It’s located in the South-East and it’s officially allowed to kite there. You have also the most kiters down here. As well as kite-schools and all infrastructure you like (Kiteshop, Cafés, Restaurants, Kiteschool, Toilettes, Showers, etc.) It’s especially nice because you have grass on the beach (for those who like that, like me). Between those mega-high palm trees there is enough place for everybody to pump up his kite without crossing anybodies lines. I was there for 3 weeks in February and it was never over-crowded. If you arrive, have a look at the sign that explains how the spot works – where you are allowed to kite and where not. And than pump up your stuff, go out and enjoy this absolutely super-amazing flatwater lagoon thats over 4km long!!! It’s really super cool. Check out some pics here:

Cap Chévalier

Cap Chévalier is also in the South-East of Martinique, about 25min drive south from Pointe Faule / Vauclin. Officially it’s not allowed to kite there – but lot of people do, also locals. So if you try, just be aware that you launch before the rock (see on the photos) where the boats are and not after the rock where the people swimm. If you hurt somebody then … well – decide yourself. The spot is also beautiful, flat, but not as big as in Pointe Faula. Myself i was there just for 1 time in 3 weeks because Pointe Faula is simply better for training and fun. But of course it’s nice to see this place too and when you’re there it’s good to go out too. Of course :) Here are some picks to get a better impression:

Other spots

I really visited all the beaches on the island. North, South, East, West and i can tell you there are nice beaches, but to kite, it’s better to stick to Pointe Faula. The others are either gusty, or not good to launch, or dangerous because of currents or …. you can check it out yourself, what i want to say is just don’t expect to much from other beaches regarding kiting. There are beaches that are more beautiful than Pointe Faula or Cap Chevalier, but to kite, don’t go somewhere else.

Travel / Flight

There are direct Flights from Paris to Fort-de-France. If you come from Europe, this is most likely the best way to go. If you are lucky you get flights about 500€ from Paris to Martinique. If you travel through Paris, be aware that flights to Martinique go from Paris Orly and not from Charles de Gaule. You have to take your luggage and bring it to Orly, they don’t check it through.

Car rental

All the big car-rental companies are there at the airport. I always use RentalCars for comparing the prices of the major rental companies at the airport. Of course you can use any of your choice. My experience with RentalCars and their service is good. I am affiliated here on this site with them – so if you would book there anyways I would appreciate if you do it from here. With that you buy me a cup of coffee and show me a Thaaaaanks for putting together all the stuff on this page :D


You feel like you are in France. But all the imported stuff is a little more expensive. So it’s NOT cheap, but if you live in an appartement and cook yourself – you can buy local or cheaper stuff. If you want to eat in restaurants all day – this may take some extra budget. A good Seafood Plate in the restaurant is about 20 Euros, a beer 2,5-3 Euros, Chicken Sandwich at the Beach: 3,80 Euros. ATMs are available all over the island.

A typical day on Martinique

I will get to that later, not yet enough time to write this.

Miscelanous stuff you should know there

At Pointe Faula you have some Restaurants und Bistros, so you don’t need to take food with you to the beach if you don’t like. Check out the Restaurant Le De Klé at the beach. It was my favorite for coffee in the morning :)

Kiteboarding schools in Martinique – Pointe Faula

As far as i know there are two schools at Pointe Faula:


At Pointe Faula you have a kiteshop at the Airfly Kiteboarding School where you get everything you need.

Crime & Security

Well, i would say it’s pretty safe over there, in my 3 weeks i felt safe all the time. Nevertheless the rule that is always valid is valid here too: Don’t do stupid stuff, and don’t go somewhere where it’s obvious or most likely something could happen. But well, i went to a lot of places in Martinique and never felt that way. Just don’t walk with a “stupid tourist” sign on your head trough the street… understand?

General travel information

Must-visit-stuff, nightlife & good-to-know-things

If you are looking for big kite-party-holidays then go somewhere else. In the villages near the kitespots you will not find any big party, not even a cocktail bar like thing. If you want this, you have to go to Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique – which is 45 min by car from Pointe Faula. So if you live near the spots expect a super-chilled kite-holiday with good creol food and rum and maybe some little beach-parties you have with people you meet at the beach. Have a good dinner at the beach and drink a “Ti-Punch” with your friends – relax.

If you want to do some siteseeing – go to Fort-de-France, St. Anne, Le Marin, Saint Pierre. And if you are more interested in History, Culture, Size and bla like that check out wikipedia of course.

Marinique Kitebeach Webcams

We found no useful kitebeach-cams for Pointe Faula or Cap Chévalier by now. Just some useless traffic cams here :) If you know a good Webcam at this spot? Drop us a mail, please ;)


Didn’t have one at the beginning. But now i discovered a Video from John I had a conversation with some time ago here in the forum. It seems my advice was good and he enjoyed Martinique, here is his Video. More you find on youtube of course.


Nothing extra that would come to my mind at the moment…


Hi, if you like this review and want to stay at a place I suggested on this site, please use the links above on this page if you decide to book. You automatically buy me a cup of coffee with that and I thank you :)

Q&A – Martinique Forum

Have any questions? Ask here or go to the forum and ask whatever you want about Kiteboarding in Martinique. Or read through recent topics below.

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